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  1. How long do kids stay at OCC?
  2. What is OCC?
  3. Can I volunteer at OCC?
  4. Do you accept donations?
  5. How do I register for one of the educational support groups?
  1. How long do kids stay at OCC?

    A. The length of a stay will vary by situation. Clients may stay at OCC anywhere from 1-90 days depending on thier unique situation.

  2. A. OCC stands for Ouachita Children’s Center, a non-profit youth services center. For more information about us or what we do, please click here.

  3. Can I volunteer at OCC?

    A. Yes! From time to time we have specific projects that we need volunteers to help with. You can always fill out a volunteer application stating your interests and we’ll do our best to find something that suits you. There is always something to do around here! Click here​ for more information on how to become a volunteer.

  4. A. Yes! We accept (and NEED) all kinds of donations to continue serving the youth of Garland and Clark counties. Please click here to view our Wishlist!

  5. A. To register for one of the FREE educational support groups, which are open to the public, just call the Center at (501) 623-5591 and ask to speak to our Groups Coordinator, Tammie Diggs, at extension 233.